“Turn a fart!All the officials surnamed Qian showed up,Someone behind them,We are out!”Zhou Gongzi said angrily。
He really couldn’t swallow this breath,The cooked duck flew away from the pot!
As the saying goes,Get up early without profit,The ghost place of Liufang is cold,If not for good,Who wants to spend it here!
Zhou Gongzi thought for a while,Beckoned,Let his subordinates show him the phone。
“Hey!Second brother,I Zhou Ziang!Something to tell you。”Zhou Gongzi said to the phone。
A vigorous and powerful voice came from the phone and answered him lazily,It sounds like the other party is not young。
Zhou Ziang’s son Zhou suddenly held his phone,Waved his hand at the hand next to him,Motion them all to leave。
When he is the only one left in the room,Just removed the palm,Keep saying:“Second brother,I’m not doing things smoothly in the Mainland。but,I met a good deal。”
Speaking of which,Lord Zhou paused on purpose,The man on the phone smiled:“Don’t sell it,Have something to say!Your kid still has eyesight。”
Zhou Gongzi laughed:“You check Daewoo Group,Their president is a big beauty,Now in Liufang,I don’t know it’s a private visit,Still elope,I accidentally broke Xingzang。”
“Oh?I have heard of Daewoo Group’s brand,Very famous in Korea。Is your news accurate?”The second brother on the phone suddenly became interested,Asked again and again。
Zhou Gongzi smiled:“It’s true!I just met a real person,Exactly the same as in the magazine,She represents Daewoo Group,Took my business from Liufang。I think there are only a few people around her,No decent bodyguard,This ticket business must be done。”
“it is good!I personally lead the team。You stare at people。Arrive in two days。Meet again。”The second brother on the phone said solemnly。
“and many more!Second brother,Our brothers will settle accounts,Something to say ahead。I like this girl,After you get her,Cool off for me first,Okay?”Zhou Gongzi said with a lewd smile。
“This.Not very compliant。Beauty Chairperson of Daewoo Group,Should be worth a lot of money。How about this,I can promise you,But your share,Can only take half。Otherwise I can’t tell the club。”Second brother pondered for a moment,Said。
“it is good!Half is half!Thank you, brother Chengquan!”Zhou Gongzi gritted his teeth,Promised。