After the man hung up,Just turn on your phone,Just now,The picture the woman passed him sent to Cheng Jianghai。
After the photo is passed,The man is waiting anxiously,to be frank,He doesn’t even know,Why is he anxious?。
For the identity of Xiao Fan,He can’t tell,Why are you so nervous,In short,He’s just very nervous。
When a woman sees a nervous face like a man,When I was about to say something,The man’s cell phone rang again。
“Hey,father,How’s it going,The man in the photo,Do you know?”After the man answered the phone,He didn’t even have time to give Cheng Jianghai a chance to speak on the other end of the phone.,He just opened his mouth and said to him anxiously。
“forest,Are you sure that the man you met in the villa is the man in the photo?”Cheng Jianghai did not directly answer his son’s question,But asked in a more surprised tone。
“father,Of course,otherwise,How can I get a picture of him??”The man said。
“son,Listen to my dad,Don’t provoke this man,Not only can’t provoke him,You have to do as much as possible with him,If he doesn’t want to talk to you,Evacuate as soon as possible,Don’t stalker,do you know?”Cheng Jianghai on the other end of the phone called with a worried look。
Others may not understand his son,but,His father,That can be said to be quite understanding。
The master who will fight with others if he doesn’t agree。
only,If this is for someone else,If your son provokes others,,Maybe he can spend more time、Manpower,Even the financial resources came to help my son solve this problem,but,Only this person can’t。
This person’s abilities are beyond everyone’s imagination。