If the other party refuses to cooperate,They can only meet each other。
“Brother Joe,Please don’t embarrass me。”
Sanchez knows what Qiao Tianyu is going to do,Pouted,Very embarrassed。
“I have business dealings with that financial oligarch,Please don’t do anything to him。”
what the hell!
I said Sanchez,Are you embarrassed??
Don’t want me to attack that financial oligarch,Am I going to watch the Qiao’s business be swallowed??
But Sanchez is Qiao Tianyu’s boss after all,He can’t help but give。
On one side is Qiao’s business,One side is his own big boss,Qiao Tianyu once again fell into a dilemma!
And at this moment,And the man behind the scenes leading the four ace traders,Chase and intercept Qiao Tianyu。
Qiao Tianyu feels unprecedented loneliness and helplessness since rebirth!
If in the last life,Every time,Qiao Tianyu has Lily by his side to comfort him,Help him make suggestions,Crack the puzzle。
But this life,Qiao Tianyu stands alone,Alone。
After separating from Sanchez,Qiao Tianyu’s brain hurts,He is in a dilemma, he doesn’t know what to do。
Walking in the streets of Manhattan,Qiao Tianyu doesn’t know how he entered a bar,How did you order a large table of wine?。
Anyway, when Qiao Tianyu was pushed awake again,He realized that he was too drunk just now。
“Are you Mr. Qiao??”