In the past few days, General Secretary Xi Jinping attacked the important speech at the Central National Work Conference caused enthusiastic response in the masses of the party members and cadres in our district.

Everyone has said that in-depth study of the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary General Secretary, always consciousness in the consciousness of the Chinese national community as the main line, condensed, and fully promotes the high quality development of the new era of the party. Tibet is one of the multi-national provinces, and is one of the key provinces of national work. The Ministry of Autonomous Region, the Ministry of Autonomous Region, the Ministry of Decisions, Sarand, made the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central National Work Conference: "Currently, my country is in the critical period of realizing the great revival of the Chinese nation, and children are needed to work together.

We must always intend to intend to interact with the great banner of China’s characteristic socialist thinking and the national unity of the Chinese nation. Adhere to the party’s leadership, strive to build a spiritual home in all ethnic groups, governing national affairs, and promote communication, concentric Germany, struggling to write the Chinese nation’s great revival of China Dream Tibet chapter. "General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the consciousness of the China National Nationality is the" Out "of the National Work of the Party of the New Times. All the work should be focused here." In recent years, Baiqing County has always used the ‘Chinese nation, concerted China Dream ‘is the total goal, in the fact that the Chinese national community is conscious as the main line, in-depth promotion of national unity and progress, and unswervingly safeguarding the unity of the motherland and the national unity, vigorously promoting the exchange of communication and exchanges between all ethnic groups, and actively promotes the construction of the Chinese nation. Painting a beautiful picture of a national unity and progress in the source of the Nujiang River. "The Standing Committee of the Banqing County Committee, the Ministry of the United Front Department, Yan Qing Zhaxi," We will work hard, for a long time, to create the national national unity and progressive model county as the carrier, firmly grasp the right political direction, and constantly create a work system mechanism In-depth mining typical deeds, strengthen the supervision and assessment, condense ideology, and strive to create a good atmosphere of totaling and sharing, struggling to write a new chapter of the national unity and progress of Banqing County. "General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the national area should be based on the actual resource endowment, development conditions, comparative advantages, etc. Power point.

  The Secretary of the Party Group of the Changdu City National Affairs Committee and Deputy Director Jie Ze have just been in touch with: "General Secretary Xi Jinping is an important speech.

In the future, we will adhere to the leadership of the party to the national work, consciously put the ideas and the actions to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and earnestly do a good job in implementing the tasks.

At the same time, in the main line of cultivating the Chinese national community, the national unity and progress model creation ‘nine into’ as the starting point, constantly guiding the people in the ideological concept, spiritual taste, and lifestyle. In addition, we must strive to achieve national unity and improvement, the tourism industry co-frequency resonance, the co-winning situation, with the ‘three of the "city core piece + Eastern Hanchai characteristics + Western Tibetan specialist", " City, one district, Ten counties in Tibetan cultural characteristics; with ‘Jiangda National Unity Theme One Day Tour + Mangkang Naxi Township Demonstration Demonstration Towns + Luolong Shuo Town National Unity Demonstration Base + Eight Helu Wushu Scenic Area’ The ‘four column’, reflects the national unity ‘nine-year characteristics; the national unity demonstration scenic spot, the national unity style town is full of starry, all the characteristics of the creation point distribution situation, create a new pattern of’ multi-point ‘creation work, Constantly promoting the national work of the city’s new era of the city to high quality development.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed to the national unity and creation, focusing on deepening the connotation, rich form, innovation method. In recent years, in order to promote national unity and progress, the establishment of the root root, Ali area has developed" Ali area to consolidate deep national unity progress Create a work implementation plan, etc., clarify the creation of work tasks, work requirements, specific measures, and establish a sound base national unity and work mechanism, Chairman of the People’s Congress of 37 townships in the whole region and member of the United Front, 145 villages, "Two Committees" The national religious members, the leaders of the party committee, the government are responsible, all aspects, the national work pattern of the whole society, the general work structure of the whole society has been completed. At the same time, organize all ethnic groups to carry out type, diverse theme education and social practice activities, and promote the cultural blending of all ethnic groups. Development and innovation, extensively carry out national unity and progress publicity and education, consolidate and develop equality and unity and mutual helping harmony, and the sense of happiness of all ethnic groups has been significantly improved. The party group secretary of the Ali Regional Religious Affairs Bureau It is said that we must hide high-rise banners of the Chinese nation, and conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secrets in Pacific, firmly grasp the main line of cultivating the Chinese national community, and fully launch the national unity and progressive progress; strengthen the exchange of ethnic groups Blending, promoting all ethnic groups in the Chinese national family, like pomegranate seeds as pomegranate seeds; in accordance with the law, people are equal to the legal party; improve the national unity and progress, consolidate the creation of the foundation, enrich the form of creation, Enhance the ability and level of common guardian national unity.

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