Fu De just walked out of the hall,I turned back with a gloomy face when I heard this sentence。Li Tianchou didn’t see it,Patted You Shilong on the shoulder and laughed,“Still old you’s great,do not worry,There is an opportunity,But I guess you won’t be able to catch up。”
“What do you mean?Do you think I am lame??”You Shilong is at a loss,But I realized that Li Tianchou’s thoughts are the same as him,So I looked at Fu De’s back proudly。
“that’s not what it means。These two days, I have been waiting for Lao Fu to bring back news from the county,If calmer,I want the restaurant to open immediately。”Li Tianchou did not answer You Shilong’s question directly,But he looks confident。
You Shilong was taken aback,“At this time you let Lao Fu go out and wander around alone,What if something happens?”
“will not,I let the broad beans follow。”Li Tianchou answered yes,“Mr. Fu is busy with his business,At least some relationships need to be clarified,Yuxing has nothing to do with us on the table,If this can be done,Opening of the restaurant is not a problem。As for Aman of Yunshan,He moves too fast,Overconfident,But I didn’t expect Wang Fan to die,So there will be no action for the time being,This time is the safest。”
“Still don’t understand。Aman this kind of little ones,I haven’t caught my eye yet,When to get oldACan’t miss me。Dog day,Uproot him。Let him see how many eyes the Lord Ma has……”You Shilong said this,Reach out and pat your own cast leg,Suddenly shut his mouth quite embarrassingly。
“Reopened so soon?“Zhu Lei, who seemed to be about to fall asleep, immediately became more energetic,“Let’s be cautious,Once another accident,Great influence on morale。”
Li Tianchou smiled and nodded,“Not opening up affects morale。Since it’s open this time,I’m not going to let it close again。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Four Another purpose
“it is good!That’s what it means,Oh shit,Let’s drive again。”You Shilong is excited,Shout out。I have never seen him so high profile since his face was disfigured,It seems to cooperate with Li Tianchou on purpose,Not only Zhu Lei thinks so,Even Fu De in the hall thinks so。
Lively talk here,Naturally affected the other two groups of people in the courtyard,Qi Baozhu and Xiao Liu simply sat on their benches。The people on the captain’s end are also watching,Fu De, who was spinning back and forth due to depression, also stopped,Standing at the door of the hall。
Although it’s only general,It seems to be quite effective。This made Li Tianchou realize,As long as I have confidence,I can still keep my smile on my lips,Then everyone can find the right direction,So no longer worry,“Wang Fan is dead,I guess there will be chaos in the county for a while。Is bad,Also a good thing,At least I think our business can‘My nephew plays a lantern’。Of course, the sooner the restaurant resumes business, the better,The other two places will change depending on the situation,All you have to do now is take a good rest。”
Everyone felt relieved after listening,But the expression on the face is very rich,Most people are still full of doubts,Even Zhu Lei doesn’t believe it will be so simple。After all, it’s not a cat or a dog that is dead,Police response,The reaction of various forces on Fukuyama Road,oldAThe reaction there,Thinking of it makes people a headache。Besides, there is also a waiter on his side who died and died,Zhu Lei and Fu Er will be very sad these two days。
Li Tianchou doesn’t explain much,As long as everyone is no longer downcast, the goal has been achieved。In his thoughts,Things become so complicated that they become simple。He has repeatedly recalled every minute moment when the masked guest Ling Feng shot him,There are clearly complex emotions in those hatred eyes,Seems to stare at myself,Actually, I was watching Wang Fan more。
This shows two points,One,Ling Feng has no scruples for revenge,Even at the cost of Wang Fan’s life,This is the usual style of Xufengtang;second,The purpose of his trip is not simple,Wang Fan is probably one of its goals,And the chance of Ling Feng hitting is so good,Unexpectedly, Li Tianchou and Wang Fan are entangled。Although his eyes are complicated,But he didn’t hesitate to start。