“breeze,What is wrong with her body??”
“Forehead,Is the disease between the male and female。”
With Li Hui’s words, the exit,The face of the two people is a bit red。
After all, the two of them were just the first time they have just experienced life.,And that feeling is very subtle,very nice,Very hint。
now think of it,Xu Ruzhen is feeling sorry。
“The sister first entered,You should be careful。”
Xu Ruzhen said that Yuan Mei Ling directly entered the hotel.。
Sangze is directly to quickly escape the car.。
Xu Ru, who entered the hotel, opened a room again.,Then I drank the antidote to Yuan Mei Ling.。
With the deinterrylter,Yuan Mei Ling is also awake and exciting by the spicy.。
Especially the strong mint flavor makes her gradually recovers awareness.,I have even repeatedly experienced a scene that last night.。
Take a look at Xu Ru,Actually, I have to be beautiful than yesterday.。
moment,The imbalance in my heart makes her more embarrassment。
With anything she wants to be so many men。
How much she is going to be compressed by the other。
Whole is a woman,The other party can hide the robbery yesterday.。
Looking at Yuan Meiling’s eyes gradually resumed,Xu Ruyi used the slim man to sway in front of the other side.。
“Ling Sister,Ling Sister,are you ready?”
Yuan Mei Ling looked at the face of the face of the opponent, I feel that the opponent seems to be full of mercy.,As。
This makes her heart are more hated.。
Hoot“Small,My sister, my sister is played by them.。”
Say,Yuan Mei Ling directly hugged Xu Ruzhen,The tears in the eyes are also directly getting out.。
At the same time, I am in the same way as how to let Ru Wei also changed.,The suffering of her is because Xu Ruzhen。
At that scene last night, it should be that Xu Ruzhen should experience it.,The result is that all she has been taken.。
“All right,All right,Ling Sister,it’s already over,They have already been running with a small breeze.,Will not come again。”
Xu Ruzhen doesn’t say this,Say this,Let Yuan Meiling’s heart is full of embarrassment。
“呜呜 小,My sister didn’t see my face.,My sister doesn’t want to live.。”
“alright, alright,it’s already over,It’s fine,you do not say,I don’t say no one knows.。”
Xu Ruyi took the other side back,While gentle。
Appease the other side for a long time,Two people are holding hands from the hotel。
This time,Yuan Mei Ling is obviously a bathing,The face is also reorganizing the exquisite makeup。
See Li Hui Feng’s instant,Yuan Mei Ling, he said hello.。
“Little handsome guy,Thank you,Listen to Xiaoyu, say you run them.,If you are not you,How is your sister still don’t know how it would be?,How do you say that my sister should thank you??”
Yuan Meiling said this,I deliberately put almost in front of Li Hui,The finger also painted a circle in the chest of Li Hui Feng.。
This temptation is also a frown.。
Li Hui Feng is riding to Xu Ru,At the same time, I can’t help but take the jade hand of Xu Ru.:“Hey-hey,Work hard,And you want to thank you still want to thank you,If it is not a sister to stop,The other party bully the sister,I will not shoot.。”
Straight male,Steel straight male,And still a straight steel straight man。
This is the first idea in Yuan Meiling’s heart.。
But this scene is full of surprises in Xu Ruzhen.。