“Nine Stage Combat Skills!”
Paihu ancestor’s face changed,There are three infinite slashing circles in front of you, rotating towards you,He jumped up to avoid the aperture。
“Do you think you can hide it this way!”
Chen Xiu’s arms up,Palm inward,The three infinite slashing circles all returned and slashed towards the white tiger home in the sky。
“Your crane control skills can manipulate the invisible sword energy,It really surprises me!”
The ancestor of the white tiger is not angry but happy,Three infinite bezels cut in the air with a palm of your hand,The sharp aperture was suddenly dissipated。
Chen Xiu looked at this scene in disbelief,Own Promise Cuts even cars can be cut into two,Can’t hurt the ancestor of Baihu。
The ancestor of the white tiger floated to the ground gently,Like a fairy。
“Not bad,Really good!”
The eyes of the ancestors of the white tiger are all appreciative,Said to Chen Xiu:“You actually know Tier Nine combat skills,Much more useful than Guo Jing,It’s no waste that I chase you all the way from Centipede Ridge to Hong Kong Island!”
“Tell me the secrets of your Promise Slash and Crane Control,I let you suffer less when I suck your blood!”