But Jiang Yan continued:“This matter will be a few days later,My aunt now。”
“Holler。”Heaven and hell are so close,Qin Feng was immediately pulled back from hell by Jiang Yan。
Here,Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan with a smile and said:“This thing is really good。”
“So what?You guys don’t know,What kind of situation are we people,And don’t worry about so much,You still think about your business。”
Jiang Yan didn’t want to force Qin Feng,But she also knows that many things must be busy。
“Ha ha,I’m not sure about this,In addition to foreign investment,I can accept it。”Since it’s all about making people rich,But why not let people in China get rich?
Don’t say anything,At least they will give back to people in China,If it’s for those foreign investors,I don’t even give it to myself。
This is also normal,But many people don’t think of these。
To know,Many companies make money here, don’t know how much money,But when really needed,That’s just pat the butt and leave,This is not a good thing。
Jiang Yan also knows Qin Feng’s thoughts,She also said with a serious face:“You decide these things,I don’t understand either,But don’t drag yourself down。”
When the time comes, two people will go out and fight together,That is what i want,But I don’t want you to be like this。
Jiang Yan’s words are very interesting,She also expresses that she will never leave。
It’s just that Qin Feng has already reached this point now,Some things can’t be tossed anymore。
Qin Feng also knows what the woman around him thinks,He smiled and said:“If I can’t hang on anymore,You have to raise me。”
“Humph,At that time, you will cook for me with my children at home every day,I just work outside,You slacker。”Jiang Yan also teased Qin Feng with a smile。
After a while,The two of you get a good rest。
When Qin Feng was in bed,He can’t help thinking about what his future is like,There are a lot of things involved this time。
But I thought for a long time,Qin Feng finally didn’t think about what he should do。