So when I was in the base hospital,Li Tianzhen is still very worried,Once the secret of your body is revealed,Will it make the doctors horrified and overwhelmed,Which will cause an uproar。It’s like Dr. Gu is so nervous,Finally leave without saying goodbye,Left everyone。
But everything seems calm as usual,There is nothing wrong with the expressions of the medical staff,And Xu Fang, who was hospitalized at the same time, was extremely unconvinced.,There seems to be no abnormal reaction。What about Wu Fang and Shin Yingjie……
“Headed,In addition to what I just said,What else to add?”Seeing Li Tianzhen insisted on participating in the action,Zhu Lei can’t object anymore,It just feels weird,Seems to have gone a long way。
“Oh,Yep。”Li Tianzhen, who was in the wandering mind, immediately recovered,Nodded,“Let’s make a detailed plan for the action at night,Make plans for the places where variables are prone to occur,Fight for a fatal blow。”
You Shilong and Peng Weihua applauded loudly,And Zhu Lei, who is introverted, just smiled thoughtfully。quickly,The four further refined the previous action plan into steps,Set time。Some important details are repeatedly considered,Finally got up and went out one after another,Split action。
Actually Li Tianzhen didn’t know,What he worried about has happened,And the intensity is as mad as Dr. Gu at the time。
A small conference room in the base hospital,A thankful middle-aged military doctor is explaining to several colleagues sitting in distress,“We extracted his serum for analysis,DNATelomere length is obviously much higher than normal,So the rate of metabolism is four times that of ordinary people or even higher,This will lead to the result that the body’s recovery capacity is far beyond that of ordinary people……”
“Well,Really unusual。”An elderly doctor interrupted the speech,“Increased metabolism,It only shows that its physical vitality and health are extremely outstanding,Then besides,What do you want to clarify?Chromosome mutation?”
“Is not,Nothing like this happened。But judging from his vitality,Not more than twenty years old,This is seriously inconsistent with his actual age。”
“How old is he actually。”
“Confirm from survey channels,Twenty-seven years old。”