Modern Express News (Correspondent Guo Jing Lei Li Jinhua) "The phenomenon of garbage is invisible, the environment in the village is clean, the home is getting more and more beautiful …" Recently, the villagers in Lingshan Village, Binhai County, talked about clean village. The village is satisfied.

At the beginning of October this year, Lingshan Village is surrounded around the "Village Village", inviting the villagers to consult the agenda, "there is a good business" discuss the rectification plan, after the 1-month environment rectification, a beautiful village appeared in front of the villagers.

To rectify the village of the village, we must do a good job in the early investigation activities. In September of this year, combined with "two in two" construction, Li Shaohua, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of Binhai County, led the all village group cadres and some village representatives of Lingshan Village, and visited the Lingshan Village Small Square, Lingwukou The main sections of the villages such as Ancient Yellow River, Liyuan Road, found that some public infrastructure is old, and there are many crushed garbage in public places. The river is covered by duckweed … After the investigation group registers these issues one by one, surrounded by "village village The big improvement "open the door, inviting the villager representative to hold a symposium in the Chamber of Lingshan Village, and the issue of the regulation will be displayed in the form of the picture and video. "There is a good discussion", after reading the chance of the villager, after reading the pictures and the video, the actual situation around him said that usual habits such as chaos, throwing garbage did not attach importance, did not realize the surrounding environmental hygiene It has been considered that there is a need to rectify the environmental health inside and outside the village. At the symposium, the villager representative also recommended the recruitment of the housing facade transformation, small square management, river cleaning, public infrastructure management, five rectification and green, etc. That is: refining the division of responsibility, comprehensively implement the "Eighth Wood" management system, eight group leader is administrator, set up a rural road, water conservancy facilities, medical and health, public places, 5 management posts, and sanitation; rocket Housing Facade Reconstruction is united with the pear flower scenic spot, overall, which is convenient for future tourism industry; organize volunteers to regularly manage infrastructure such as river embankment, roads, guide the masses to the environment of their own hospitals, front houses Health regular cleaning, mobilizing the masses to remove waste circles. related suggestion.