People’s Network Putian September 25 (Lin Ying, Wei Pengfei) On the morning of the 25th, the sixteenth press conference of Putian City’s epidemic prevention and control work, from 0:00 to 24 September, Putian City reported new local 1 case of diagnosis (Xiu Yu District).

From September 10th to September 24th, 206 cases of confirmed cases in Putian City (including 1 cases of overseas, 205 cases), and 3 cases of asymptomatic infections. In the existing 191 cases of local confirmed cases, 2 cases of critical grades, 121 ordinary types, 68 light types.

Hospital patients continue to diagnose, the overall condition is stable. The accumulated investigates 4,943 people, 9,794 secondary adhesives, and isolated in accordance with the regulations.

Nucleic acid sampling 11768199 people, completed 111,654,450.

The accumulated places were completed on the surface of the object of 53,650 square meters, and the air was disinfected 372545 cubic meters. Since September 24, Xiuyu District Rongfu Yipin Community and North Po Village, Tianyi, the scope of the East of Liang Avenue (? section), Xi Xijiao Road, Southern District is a sealing area, temporary Close the cultural and economic casual entertainment venues such as business places and chess rooms, game rooms, activity rooms in the jurisdiction.