Populus nodded:“Really good,I don’t know if it is insured,I think the group of people from Chow Tai Fook just watched the conference,I guess I have spotted this material。”
“That’s really hard to say。”Xin Zhao shook his head and smiled bitterly。
Although he doesn’t like those people,But you can’t deny their strength and financial resources,I really want to die with you,You have to beat your blood。
Hu Yang thought for a while,Draw another ticket,Filled forty million。
The audience in the live room immediately fry the pan,It’s the first time I saw Brother Hu being so cautious,Actually add three additional prices。
“Oh my God!That piece of jade is incredible。Isn’t it a glass kind??”
“Look at the performance of the window,Still worse,Should not be。Glass type,Many layers of people have been surrounded long ago,It is estimated that it is only the existence of the second standard king。”
“Even if it’s not glass,I’m afraid。Standard King is not a glass kind,More than two billion,Don’t you all feel incredible at first??”
Ge Tian and several people,I was so dumb。
Forty million,Anyway, Song Jewelry dare not bet,Once lost,The company’s capital chain will be volatile。Don’t look at their assets,But the idle funds can spend 40 million,Definitely not less。
Many assets are hundreds of millions,I am afraid there is not much working capital。
Hu Yang smiled:“If this does not win the bid,I gave up too。”
in fact,You can raise it a little bit,Because that piece of jade is worth。But he felt that no one would pay such a high price, right??If you add more,You are losing,no need。
time flies,Hall 2 is closed again,Everyone is waiting for the winning bid。
have to say,Although this is a broken building,Can be really efficient,Didn’t keep everyone waiting。
200,000 piece of full bet,Populus successfully won,Even caused a certain sensation,That kind of brick material,There are really fools bidding?And still vote for 200,000。
Surprisingly,Populus originally thought it was another piece of wool,Filled forty million,I didn’t win the bid。The winning bidder is from Chow Tai Fook,Only one hundred thousand more than 40 million。