“You pickled noodles,Dumb?”
“Subordinates dare not,just……”
“Just what?You are so old?I didn’t wait for a moment and started to slaughter my own siblings.?”
“Head up!Kind of do,No recognition,Speak in front of the temple!”
Long Tianlin lowered his head and looked around with the corner of his eye,Everyone kneels down,No one dared to communicate with him,Don’t expect anyone to speak for him。The old palace master gets angry,I really dare to take a knife,No matter what you are、Demi god,Have followed him for many years,Click,Extremely clean,Don’t even want to run away,Otherwise, in the 36th Heavenly Palace, I gave Yuwen one“Living Hades”title。
“When you talk as an old man, you fart?!”Fire Palace Master’s Fury,Suddenly a crystal puppet jumped out from behind the throne,After landing, transform into a fire giant that is several feet high,The whole body is tumbling and burning like magma,Even the five senses are hard to see clearly,There are only two deep black eye holes,Reminiscent of the arrogance and brutality of the palace lord in the flames。
Long Tianlin, who had a trace of luck, has no doubt at this moment.,The soul is half scared,Immediately got up and rushed to the entrance of the Temple of Heaven and knelt down again,I dare not say a word and start to kowtow。
“Come inside!”
“Palace Master Spare,Tianlin doesn’t dare anymore。”Long Tianlin just kowtow,Never dare to enter the gate of that palace,Unexpectedly, the flame giant strode over,Grabbed the palm prints,Although this guy is afraid,But I dare not resist half a point,Was thrown into the palace gate by the fire giant。
In the jaws of the gods,The door of the Huoyan Temple closed with a bang,Three ugly ghosts slipped out from the crack of the door,But to close the door,The glow of the Tiangong Seal could not be completely covered,The three phantoms fled quickly in three directions。
“Tiangong Seal!”The god with good eyesight shouted immediately,Many gods also saw the moment when the sun shines。
“not good,The kid who sneaked into the heavenly palace。”
“Palmprint Tianzun was locked in by them!”
“Stop him,That is the seal of the heavenly palace!”
There suddenly became chaos outside the palace gate,Immediately there were several gods chasing in different directions,And Venerable Huo Xing, who had been kneeling on the side, suddenly understood something,Immediately ask a few close brothers around,“Stop them!”
Suddenly rumbling,A flame giant appeared,Stopped in front of the chasing god,Nothing,Punch and hit,Several gods are a little confused,For a long time they have been afraid of the coercion of the flame palace owner,The few puppets around me can also scare them,For a time this giant actually stopped four or five gods,No loss。
Another flame giant appeared on the other side,Boom kicked a god out,Facing the other gods around, they are also majestic,Murderous。