interesting,Really interesting!
These people are naturally not others,It can be said that they still have a great relationship,After all, when I was in Blood Pond Valley,They also look fierce and evil,Can’t wait to drink his blood,Meat eaten。
Zhongyu Tongjia,Sword Shadow Sect,Black Mountain Yiba,These four forces are once again distanced,I can only say that this coincidence is too coincidental。
Pei Tianchui saw other people coming,At this moment, it’s no longer the same as before,After all, their goal has been achieved。
“Lord Dragon King,We seem to meet again!”
Others stand behind Xia Chenglong,As long as these gangsters dare to shoot,Since I made them regret coming here。
“How did you find us?”
“This one……coincidence,Believe it or not?”
Defeated by a group of men,Really boastful,Xia Chenglong shook his head,Touch your forehead,He really can’t think of how the other party dare to appear here?
“Speak,How do you want to die?”
Now it is naturally different from before,They have entered the Wanjianzong ruins,I’m not afraid of other concerns,So there is no need for these people to exist。
It was just a bunch of clowns,Xia Chenglong really didn’t think what would happen to him,But since I met here,Then solve it!
after all……He is not a kind god。
For Xia Chenglong’s words,People from several big forces look at each other,Then smile arrogantly,I don’t seem to be afraid at all。