Original title: Consolidation of development and unity and good situation. When a good high-quality development, the newspaper reported on November 7th, Xi’an City held the leading cadres and announced the decision of the main leadership adjustment of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee.

Liu Guozhong, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and speaking.

He emphasized that Xi’an is a provincial capital city and assumes an important task in regional development. To learn from the General Secretary of Xi Jinping to Shaanxi, the important instructions are important instructions. Doublegate the attention of the Party Central Committee and love the good situation of cherish the good situation of unity and work, and do business, and better serve the national strategy. New contribution. Recently, the Central Committee was approved: Comrade Fang Hongwei was a secretary of Xi’an Municipal Committee of Shaanxi Province.

The Provincial Party Committee decided: Comrade Fang Hongwei served as a member of Xi’an Municipal Committee and the Standing Committee.

  Zhang Guangguang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and Provincial Party Committee, directed the Decision of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and Fang Hongwei spoke.

The Mayor of Xi’an, Li Mingyuan, presided over the meeting, and the president of the CPPCC Yue Huafeng attended the meeting.

  Liu Guizhong pointed out that the main leadership adjustment of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee is the party’s central party, from Comrade Xi Jinping, from Shaanxi and Xi’an reform and development, the decision to study, cautious research, fully reflect the General Secretary, Party Central Committee to Shaanxi The intimate care of Xi’an work, attaches great importance to the construction of Shaanxi and Xi’an leaders. Liu Guizhong pointed out that in recent years, Xi’an will adhere to the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, conscientiously implement the central major decision-making deployment and the management of the provincial party committee, formerly develop, solid work, actively prevent, scientific and respond to the mood, epidemic, and solve the masses The actual problems of urgency, the economic and social development has achieved remarkable progress, ecological, people’s livelihood, urban construction, etc.

At present, the province is underway and implemented in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping to the important instructions of the important instructions. Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, service and integrate new development patterns, and write a new chapter of high quality development.

Xi’an is to strengthen the mission, emancipate the ideology, reform and innovation, and make persistent efforts to promote new changes in new changes in new changes.

  Liu Guizhong emphasized that it is clear that politics will be clear, and the "two maintenance" as the premise and fundamental and fundamental, remembering "the big people", and always maintain a high degree of party central part of Xi Jinping as the core. We must consciously use Xi Ping’s new era of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, unified will, unified actions, and implement the general secretary of the General Secretary to see the important speech of the Shaanxi and see the important instructions, often on the table sign, to Xi’an’s series of targeted requirements, to ensure The work is always advanced in the correct direction. To walk in the forefront of innovation driving, vigorously promote the construction of Qin Chuanggen-innovative drive platform, and do a modern industrial system that is strong to do strong entity economies, especially manufacturing, and strong strategic emerging industries, build innovation and competitiveness. .

To walk in the forefront of the reform and opening up, speed up the national center city construction and Xi’an – Xianyang integrated process, play the role of Xianxian new district, enhance radiation driving ability, and integrate into the "all road" big pattern.

  Liu Guizhong emphasized that in the forefront of the ecological environment, when the Qinling Ecology Guardian, strengthen the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin, and in-depth pollution prevention and control, and actively promote carbon-up, carbon neutralization. To walk in the forefront of social governance, improve urban governance ability, prevent significant risks, promote consolidation and expansion of poverty, effective and effectiveness, etc. Senselessness. It is necessary to advance to the top, strengthen the party, strengthen political construction, capacity building, work style construction, create a hard-drying team, only to compete, truthfully, unity and hard work, fight for the first, in the new journey to the general secretary The Party Central Committee, hand over Xi’an’s excellent answer to the people of the province. Fang Hongwei said, resolutely supported, fully observed the Decision of the Central and the Provincial Party, and worked to Xi’an and was deeply responsible.

I must resolutely do "two maintenance", carrying out the spirit of the important instruction of the General Secretary to Shaan Shaanxi, I have to take good heads, seriously practice the new development concept, and unswervingly promote high-quality development, and serve Xi’an people with heart. Carry forward "difficulty and strict and thin" style, relying on party organizations and city cadres in the city, wind and rain are unimpeded, day and night, we must do not live up to the central and provincial committees.

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