“impossible,He doesn’t owe us anything,Why sneak away?The most reasonable answer is that he was really kidnapped。But why did you tie him??Does it mean you want to blackmail us??”Gu Yue asked and answered,She is going crazy。You said it happened to be at this juncture,Why did Xia Jian disappear suddenly??
Xiaoting glanced at the distressed Gu Yue and said:“Don’t worry, Mr. Gu,With Mr. Xia’s skill,He generally won’t suffer,I think he will find a chance to run out”
“Ok!I can’t care about him now,You accompany me to Yunmao Group。But you have to remember,I’ll let you do it in a while,You have to listen to me,I’ll be responsible for something wrong,My Gu Yue will not treat you badly”Gu Yue took a breath,She made up her mind and said。
Xiaoting nodded,Did not speak,So they went downstairs with Gu Yue。
Xu Yiming’s office is compared to Gu Changlong’s,A bit inferior。At this moment, he is sitting on the big swivel chair of the boss,Two feet on the table,With a cigar in his mouth。He doesn’t like smoking,But he likes the way he smokes,Just like he likes that his father Gu Changlong has absolute rights in Yunmao Group。
He grew up living with his mother,In addition to the hatred of Gu’s family in his mind,Just thinking of revenge。If it wasn’t for Gu Yue’s mother’s resistance,,His surname is Gu now,This Yunmao Group will be his sooner or later,Gu Yue is a girl after all,He still has confidence in this area。
Just when Xu Yiming was thinking about things,When the clouds and fog are rising,The door of his office was suddenly pushed open,Gu Yue led Xiaoting in suddenly,Behind them is Xu Yiming’s secretary。
The arrival of the uninvited guest,Xu Yiming was really surprised,But he quickly calmed down,He first took his feet off the desk,Then he waved to the secretary and said:“Close the door,You go out first!”
Wait for the secretary to leave,Xu Yiming, a 20-year-old boy,Take out the unique stability,He stretched out his hand at Gu Yue and said:“Mr. Gu, please sit down,What wind brought you to me?I seem to remember,You never came in my office”
“Less talk,What do you want to do?”Gu Yue’s face changed,Go straight。
Xu Yiming smiled and said:“What do you mean?I don’t know what you say,You have to tell me slowly”
Gu Yue suppressed the anger in her heart,Sat on the sofa,She knows she must stay calm at this moment,This but conflict,Does not help solve the problem,It will intensify contradictions,Moreover, Gu Changlong is not in the group。
Thought of here,Gu Yue took a breath and said:“Mr. Xu!About Donghu Park Investment Project,Chairman he has agreed!Not to mention the investment plan and the form of cloud trade participation,The chairman has already held a shareholder meeting,If i am right,This form of investment is approved unanimously”
“Oh!What you said!Yes,The chairman and shareholders did pass by unanimous vote,I don’t make sense,But so much money will go out of Yunmao at once,And I need to approve,I don’t have the guts to sign”Xu Yiming spreads his hands,A very innocent look。
Gu Yue smiled:“Mr. Xu,Don’t be humble, okay?When Gu Dong leaves,Entrusted all the business within the group to you,If you don’t have this ability,Don’t pick it up!What should we do now?”
“I regret it now,Therefore, I temporarily stop handling all the business entrusted to me by Gu Dong,Wait for him back,I’ll hand it all over”Xu Yiming smiled slightly。
Only then did Gu Yue learn how this young man is,He’s killing people without seeing the knife。It seems that she has always underestimated this person。But the most important thing right now is to let him sign,Send that investment money to Leading Company。