Gu Yi smiled nodded,I looked at her with a distressed.,“Small memory,These years have made you a lot of bitterness,sorry,Both big brother is useless,Can not find you,This is the pocket flower that your brother gives you annually.,Although I will not read you very much on your mouth.,But I still miss you in my heart.,I will give you a small bank every year.,I will give you when you come back.。”
Blue Xin is a little funny looking at him.,It is a family,Talking is exactly the same。
NS683chapter:Go to Gujia
When my father gave her money?,Use this excuse。
But she is still very touched,“elder brother,You don’t have to do this,I can make money now.,Sufficient。”
actually,Not particularly enough,At the very least, she is really a tuition fee for three children.。
Tuition fee,Make her astone,Can buy the current house,She feels that it is the god of God.。
Look at the price of a price one day,Her biggest dream is to have a house with his own house.。
Gu Yi, but pulled her hand,Put the bank card in her hands,Gently smile:“Small memory,Big brother has always been straight,This money,It’s really big brother to give you,not much,Ten million,You are the little princess of our family,If you have not lost,Every year’s pocket money will have 10 million,Grandma is very rich,Grandpa’s shares and assets are in her hands,She will give me a lot of zero money every year.,Domineering?”
Cough!Blue Xin listens to this number,It’s almost old blood spit out,Ten million pocket money,It is worthy of the second big family in Jiangyou,This money is called zero money?
Great!She also earned so much money for ten years.!Looking at the bank card lying in the palm,Blue Xin is full of gratitude,“Big brother,Although it is zero spending money,But you are too much.。”
Live for twenty years,I have never seen so much money.。
Just like Lin Zihang ridiculously she can’t afford her brand clothes.,indeed,She really can’t afford it.。
She now can’t stand up.。
Gu Yi smoked her hand,Laugh:“fool,This money,For me to come to Gu Jia,does not matter,Now the crisis of Gujia’s crisis is released.,Our family’s clothing industry is not booming,But there are other industries to fight gold.!And this is indeed my private house,It is a big brother to give you a pocket money.。
Grandma also gave you?
Our little princess,How can I not have a lot of money??
so,You must take it,Big Brother will work every day,Will not happen to the previous crisis。”
Blue Xin looked at the big brother and said that the eyebrow dance,I feel that when he is giving him a lot of money.,That kind of expectation and joy are covered with him。
“elder brother”Blue Xinwei wets look at him,“thank you!”
“Small memory,It is a big brother to thank you.,Thank you back.。”
Gu Yi smiled quietly to the sister,There,Is a favor for others have never been。
Original,Poured your sister, a juice,After he passed, he refined himself.,many things,He is very impulsive,Unspeakable consequence,I will let Gu Ai’an will be free.,Light and easy to use。
Finally hurt your own kisia,He discovered,It turned out that he was so stupid.。
Blue Xin is slightly blinking,Smile,“Big brother,Nice to have you。
I am actually good.,I have always encountered a good person,so,Big brother doesn’t have to worry about I have suffered these years.。”
actually,Suffer bitterness,I don’t think there is anything.,Those bitter days,For her,Really nothing。
Money and affection,She is more affectionate。
The wind in the night is cold,Gu Yi thought that he did nothing.,He laughed:“Small memory,Let’s go back.,If you bring you out too long,Hao Cheng is angry。”
Blue Xin smiled,“Big brother,He will not!”
“Who says I will not!”
Lu Hao Cheng’s voice,Come from front。
Blue Xin:“”How did this person chase?,She chats with her big brother ,Is it still not sold??
“hehe”Gu Yi smiled,“Lu Hao Cheng,You are really endless.,I have followed it.,Can you give people a free space??”
Lu Haozheng glanced at him,Take off your own coat is on Blue Xin,“Recall,Not I said you,Give money to give money,Also call the blue blue separately,You are,Gu Ai’an spends more than 10 million a year.,You give blue blue pocket money,Give 10 million,Shameful!”
Gu Yi:“”This is really his own pocket money.,Did not use the money in the company。
“Lu Hao Cheng,There is something,You also give a small memory of 10 million.!”
Gu Yi stretched his neck and looked at Lu Haozheng.。
Lu Haocheng smiled,“I will give it to the blue.,What is a million??”