“Hello there,Hello there!I heard my cousin tell a lot about you,Young Hero,Young and promising!”Jiang Zhou smiled。
Lu Menglin thought,These eight words should fall on you, right?!Officials of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection under 30,The imperial minister,Do you want to be so humble?!
“Hello cousin!I don’t need to talk about the past,Can i help you,Just tell me。”Lu Menglin smiled。
Seeing this kid doesn’t like polite,Jiang Zhou is also very happy,I’ve been with the officials for a long time,Finally met a straight child,How difficult it is!
“Did you grow up in Liufang??How much do you know about things in the factory?”Jiang Zhou asked casually。
Although I asked,But Jiang Zhou did not feel that a high school student,How much can I understand about the things in the factory。
“Yes!I grew up here。but,I’m not sure about things in the factory。”Lu Menglin smiled。
Although the face is smiling,Lu Menglin was thinking,Is this guy stupid??Actually came to ask a student about things in the factory,This brain circuit is too strange?
If all the officials in Beijing have this kind of IQ,State affairs are worrying!Someone secretly thought of。
“Ah,Blame me for not saying clearly。Brother Lu is his own,I’ll just say it directly。”
Jiang Zhou paused,Keep saying:“Things are like this,Our Central Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from your factory,This material is very detailed,So i will come down this time。”
“But,The local officials are obviously playing me,It’s been several days,Except eating,Without any valuable clues。So i was thinking,Instead of tossing around with them,Why not find this reporter,He has so much information,Can definitely help me with this case,So,I found you!”
Speaking of which,The smile on Jiang Zhou’s face made Lu Menglin’s heart suddenly throb,I don’t think so?So you can find me?The Central Discipline Inspection Commission is not a god?Or maybe Uncle Jihu sold me?Shouldn’t!
“Is it useful to find him??He’s just a student!”Jiang Jinghong on the side was surprised。