Xia Chenglong didn’t say anything,Smile,Waved,Back to his own camp。
“This guy……”
Elder Han gritted his teeth,There is no way,I can only go back and have a look,Must break through tonight,otherwise,Tomorrow at dawn,Is their time of death!
Late night,It’s when everyone is most exhausted,The regiment of elders of the foreign surname has already recovered a lot of energy,A breakout battle is about to begin!
“Those things,Have they been sent out??”
Elder Han looked at his men,The conversation between myself and Xia Chenglong was crucial,As long as these things can be spread,Can make the reputation of the whole device city bad,Simultaneously,I might be able to get a few allies and coalitions from my side.。
“Already sent out,It’s just that those guys are still raising the flag,This matter is strange,It didn’t give us a chance to prepare,may,Those guys are lying,After all, the relationship between Tool City and Sword Cast City is no longer a secret.,Who would believe the authenticity of this incident?!”
The subordinates are also a little helpless,Is this guy fighting too much recently?,Broke my mind?Just an audio,Not enough to prove anything,It’s basically nonsense nonsense,In the eyes of those guys,Maybe it’s a symptom of the alliance between these foreign elders and the sword city!
“Humph,Forget it,Those guys are also unreliable guys,Army preparation,Tonight,Will rush out!”
Elder Han put on his armor,Holding a long gun,Take all the mistakes and start preparing to break through,Has been detected,The West is the weakest point of this force,There is no super power in that direction,Want to break through,Only from this direction can I have a chance!
The flames of war ignite in an instant,Countless warriors screamed and rushed towards the army of Sword City,It’s just that the elite army of Sword Forge City didn’t seem to respond.,Just after a few clashes,Both sides have some damage,The army of foreign elders rushed out with the belief that they would die!
These guys who broke through are not excited,Because at this time,They have nowhere to go,According to their current situation,It is basically impossible to escape for three consecutive days,Can only find a place to stay,To be able to defend those guys!
“Go to the abandoned camp in Qicheng,That place can make us temporarily resist,Contact the family you can contact,Let them quickly send someone to support!”
It’s no use running around,If I go somewhere else,Either**Kill you directly,Either it attracted the attention of the strong from other cities,In order not to provoke fire,Will definitely give them out!
Since the army of Sword Forge City is in this place,Then the sword city is absolutely empty,But the sword city itself is already a ruin,He is not Xia Chenglong,Can’t stand this place,By now,Only an undamaged Qicheng camp can go!
“Basically everything in the camp has not been moved,It seems that those guys didn’t notice this place!”
Elder Han takes a breath,If this place has been destroyed,Then so many people can only disband on the spot,See who is lucky enough to survive!
The whole army drove straight in,Hit the abandoned camp,Now these guys already think that the guy who built this place into a city is a ghost,Can actually think of this,Can also benefit future generations!
In a blink of an eye,It’s dawn,The army from Sword Forge City rushed back,These guys hide in the camp and dare not move,But the scene behind makes these guys completely out of control!