And also……
Fortunately, the scar killer shot,Distracted these people,otherwise,I really don’t know how to answer。Qin Feng still feels a little grateful for the killer。
But if you want to kill yourself,Also grateful。
When the scar killer shot,Qin Feng has already noticed it,So I just let go,Blasted a punch。
Entrained all the internal forces,Fast and ruthless。
So quickly, there is no third person aware,Even Lin Youwei,In a state of tension,I didn’t feel it。
Except Qin Feng,The second one I noticed was the scar killer,But what happened??
This is a sure blow,It’s also Qin Feng’s ready blow,All you need is one blow。
After the explosion,Continue to hold Lin Youwei。
Seeing Lin Youwei’s appearance,Qin Feng is not funny,Want to play a little prank with this chick,Pinch
she was。
She was embarrassed,Looked around。
what,This,how come,Why so many acquaintances?
Colleague Xiao Liu,Xiao Li,these people,All there。
Even the speed of that killer,It’s too late to kill so many people。
that,can only be,I’m not dead。