Ouyang Hong heard Xia Jian say this,She is naturally very happy,Then the two chatted,Hung up。Wona who has been standing by Xia Jian,At this moment, his face was a little unhappy and asked:“You are going back today?whereljYou are not going to play?“
“Something urgent in the company,I must go back immediately“Xia Jian said worriedly。
Wuna glanced at Xia Jian,A twitch,Said coldly:“Actually everyone is busy,Didn’t I take time off to stay with you,You can’t think of me a little bit“
Xia Jian is really angry at seeing Wuna,He still feels a little sad,He be patient,Smiled and said to Una:“I am the general manager of the venture group,There are so many things waiting for me to decide,No one can replace this,Do you understand what i said?“
“You are the boss of the group?“Una asked in surprise。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Yes,A migrant worker,Became the boss of the group,To put it bluntly, it’s working for others like you,Can you understand what i said?“
“cut!I am not a fool,I understand everything you said,So you are really not easy,It seems I did not misunderstand you“Una said,Excitedly punched Xia Jian on the chest。
The two had a potluck together at noon,Xia Jian went directlyljairport,Wona said that she has to go to the airport to see him off,But Xia Jian politely refused,Even so,Wona looked at Xia Jianyuan’s back,Almost crying。
the next morning,When Xia Jian appeared in the venture group,Everyone was very surprised,No one is more surprised than Wang Lin,She smiled at Xia Jian and asked:”Why did you come back suddenly?I’ll call someone to pick you up at the airport“
Xia Jian pushed open his office,Talking while walking inside:”Pingdu’s investment is in trouble,I must rush to deal with it as soon as possible“
Wang Lin made Xia Jian tea,Then asked softly:”Why does this happen?“
”Isn’t Huang Ting transferred to Pingdu to be mayor??I think it might be another conspiracy”Xia Jian took a deep breath and said。
Wang Lin sat down gently in front of him,She thought about it:”The Mayor Huang has always had a grudge against our venture group,He was beyond reach when he was in Bucheon,But now he is in Pingdu,Hold real power,We have to guard!“
”Humph!Pingdu is not his own,I believe he won’t be crazy in the big way,Maybe on some small things,Will give us some trouble“Xia Jian took a sip of the brewed tea,Careful analysis。
Wang Lin stood up,Took a breath and said:”Then when are you going to Pingdu?“
”Leave tonight,Ask Fang Fang to prepare。After that, let’s have a high-level meeting in the afternoon,You arrange this,Anyway, my current time is very tight“Xia Jian said,A little embarrassed smiled at Wang Lin。
Wang Lin gave Xia Jian a disappointed look,Whisper:”Can’t you leave tomorrow morning??Let’s have a meal together tonight“
”No need to eat late,You prepare,We eat here at noon,Just prepare some beer“Xia Jian finished,And began to sign up the documents on the table。