“Thank you!Aren’t you working as an office director in the city management center??See you yesterday,Still a big boss now!“Wang Youcai quickly changed the subject。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“How much money can Ganchengguan make,People now have no career of their own,That’s really not good“
“Hey!If I am not mistaken,The TV station’s dormitory building seems to be constructed by the Dongsheng Group in the provincial capital, right?!You still have this relationship?“A tentative question from Wang Youcai。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“What is this?If your second brother is still the mayor of Pingdu,,You can also contract part of this project,She Hu Huiru dare to give you or not?“
“Yo!Boss Chen!It seems that the mix is really good now,You even know Hu Huiru, the beautiful boss of Dongsheng Group?“Wang Youcai pretended to be surprised。
Chen Feng said with a smile:“What is this?But this stinky woman relies on her own two money,Really don’t see me in my eyes。Every time we talk,Let her assistant Feng Yan talk to me,But Assistant Feng is also very charming“When Chen Feng said this,My eyes narrowed into a slit。
Wang Youcai laughed,He did not speak。But in my heart,You bastard is far behind me, right!He also touched Hu Huiru’s hand,He didn’t take advantage of Feng Yan’s advantage。
“Hey!I always feel,In Pingdu, as long as the two of us work together,Should be able to do something big。First of all in terms of time, place and sky,No one can compare to both of us“Chen Feng said,And patted Wang Youcai’s shoulder。
Wang Youcai is not a fool,This Chen Feng always wants to pull him,It’s nothing more than trying to make Xia Jian。But when I mentioned Xia Jian,,Although Wang Youcai is unhappy,,But it’s not as strong as before。
Xia Jian thought,My brother is also the mayor of a city,But he never helped him。But Chen Jiang is different,Protect this Chen Feng everywhere。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai also wants to understand,My brother is not strong,He uses the power of others。Wang Youcai smiled secretly,He turned his head and said to Chen Feng:“What do you want to cooperate with?It can’t be just for pranking!if it is like this,I won’t work with you“
“Hi!See what you said,Now it’s money,With money you have everything,At this time,Do you think the whole person is still difficult?”That’s it for Chen Feng,Then laughed proudly。
Wang Youcai listened,Also said with a smile:“That would be nice!Let’s join hands,But I can’t show up recently,I’m not afraid of doing this,But to make everyone easy to do”
“clever!Actually I also know,Your relationship with Hu Huiru is average,He can now be regarded as the largest real estate investor in our city,You just think of a way to get her to give us a point。As for your business,I will talk more in front of my brother,Let you show up early,Do you think it works?”Chen Feng’s wishful thinking is really good。
Wang Youcai smiled,Thought。It turns out that Chen Feng is such a thief,He knows that he has a very close relationship with Hu Huiru,But let it go first*。Then come again,This person is really cunning。But he said his,I have an idea in my heart。