Chen Duo and I thought of together,So I closed the sales office,Don’t do the second phase sales work at all。
I announced the news directly on Weibo!
Not many people know about Blue Ocean Academy,So many people think I’m crazy!
Auction new properties,This is something that no one has ever done。
Even many people in the industry,I think I’m talking about dreams!
It’s just a subway room,How could it be so deadly??
I did not respond。
But I didn’t expect to be on the forum,Some reporters will ask me this question。
“President Ge,The second phase of your Tianfu Yushuiwan project will be auctioned,is that true?”
A beautiful reporter asked。
“Yes,it is true。”
I responded with a smile:“This question should not belong to the content of this forum。”
“Now domestic steel mainly faces the real estate market,What you do is real estate,I think these are two closely related industries。”
The beauty reporter asked again,Why should I adopt this sales method!
Is it really because Metro Line 5 has a station next to Tianfu Yushuiwan??
“It has nothing to do with Metro Line 5。”
I replied:“It’s because Blue Ocean International College will be located next to Tianfu Yushui Bay,Have already started!”